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Screening and Management of Age-Related Driving Impairments

Training for clinicians and allied health professionals is available to assist with the identification and management of age-related conditions that impact driving ability. The curriculum aims to increase knowledge and skill needed to screen, refer, and when necessary, assist older patients through the transition into driving retirement.

This training addresses California’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (Challenge Area 9.10) and includes screening guidelines from the American Medical Association’s Physician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers.

In-person training is available throughout Southern California and is delivered by UC San Diego physician faculty.

Training curriculum includes:

  • The epidemiology of driving patterns with aging
  • Medical conditions that may put patients at risk for unsafe driving
  • AMA recommended clinical screens to evaluate patients’ level of function for driving fitness
  • Referral and treatment options for patients who have impairments or are no longer safe to drive
  • California DMV reporting methods and requirements

Training can also be accessed online.  The 75 minute tutorial consists of four modules with knowledge checks and the opportunity to print a certificate of completion. After creating an account, select the course title, Clinical Assessment of the Geriatric Patient for Driving Fitness.

Counseling strategies to address driving impairment with a patient are demonstrated within the online module or the video can be viewed here.

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