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Identification and Referral of Medically Impaired Older Drivers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Older Driver Program Five-Year Strategic Plan 2012-2017 and California’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (Challenge Area 9.3) both emphasize the importance of education for law enforcement on the recognition and assessment of warning signs that may necessitate driver’s license re-examination.

A two-hour training, “Law Enforcement’s Role in Older Driver Safety,” is POST certified for CPT credit and delivered by a team of health and law enforcement professionals. A 30-minute version of the training is available for briefings.




  • The Driver Orientation Screen for Cognitive Impairment (DOSCI) is a validated tool that enables officers to use nine simple questions to screen for cognitive impairment roadside, providing objective information when referring a driver for re-examination.
  • Recognizing Cognitive Impairment in Drivers is a video that demonstrates use of the DOSCI tool by law enforcement during a traffic contact.

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